New Releases For January 28, 2014

Justin Abrams
Miles Away

Justin Abrams - Miles Away

Miles Away, the first solo album from singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Justin Abrams has been released.

Miles Away is a vulnerable, universal look at the challenge of relationship, with the story riding up and down Justin's piano lines like waves in an ocean.

'Recording this album was definitely the most emotionally challenging experience I've ever had in the studio, especially since it revolved around falling in love with a girl, losing the relationship and fighting to get her back,' recalled Justin.

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"Miles Away"


  1. 1. I Want You Completely
  2. 2. Miss You
  3. 3. Not Certain
  4. 4. Miles Away
  5. 5. Are You Free Too?
  6. 6. Love
  7. 7. I Feel Alright
  8. 8. The Day Is Ours
  9. 9. Paper Dart Girl
  10. 10. Creepy Cat
  11. 11. Move Along

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