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Julian Lage - Arclight

Arclight, Julian Lage’s Mack Avenue debut, marks his first recorded outing on electric guitar and in a trio format, backed by double bassist Scott Colley and drummer Kenny Wollesen. Lage is a performer who burns brightly: The pace he sets is brisk, the mood often upbeat, the playing so quick-witted and offhandedly dazzling that one is compelled to immediately press “repeat,” …For a thoughtful artist like Lage, who will research and ruminate on a project long before he sets foot in a studio, this was a liberating experience, plugging in and playing with a kind of abandon.

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  1. 1. Fortune Teller
  2. 2. Persian Rug
  3. 3. Nocturne
  4. 4. Supera
  5. 5. Stop Go Start
  6. 6. Activate
  7. 7. Presley
  8. 8. Prospero
  9. 9. I’ll Be Seeing You
  10. 10. Harlem Blues
  11. 11. Ryland

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 16
    Odense, Denmark Julian Lage at Jazzhus Dexter
  • Oct 17
    Helsinki, Finland Julian Lage at G Livelab
  • Oct 19
    Oslo, Norway Julian Lage at Victoria - Nasjonal Jazzscene
  • Oct 20
    Molde, Norway Julian Lage at Plassen, Teatret Vårt
  • Oct 21
    Rotterdam, Netherlands Julian Lage at LantarenVenster
  • Oct 23
    Maastricht, Netherlands Julian Lage at AINSI
  • Oct 24
    Umeå, Sweden Umea Jazz Festival 2018
  • Oct 24
    Ghent, Belgium Julian Lage at De Bijloke
  • Oct 25
    Paris, France Julian Lage at New Morning
  • Oct 26
    Singen, Germany Julian Lage at Gems Jazz Club Singen
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