New Releases For July 5, 2011

Julia Stone
Julia Stone In The Memory Machine

Julia Stone - Julia Stone In The Memory Machine

Following four years of critically acclaimed collaboration with brother Angus, Julia Stone in The Memory Machine marks Julia Stone's first foray into solo musical terrain. With the global success of the duo's first two albums and accompanying sell out tours, Julia's debut solo album demonstrates a musical confidence and story-telling capacity that reflects her evolution as an artist.

Subtle, minimal arrangements show the self-assuredness that Julia has brought to this timely project and though characteristically sweet and melodious, the subjects of her stories often run to the darker side, reflected in the artwork inspired by old horror flick posters. Written and recorded over five months in a variety of locations these songs comprise a journey of their own.

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"This Love"


  1. 1. This Love
  2. 2. My Baby
  3. 3. Winter On The Weekend
  4. 4. The Memory Machine
  5. 5. Catastrophe!
  6. 6. Maybe
  7. 7. Lights Inside This Dream
  8. 8. What's Wrong With Me?
  9. 9. Horse With The Wings
  10. 10. Where Does The Love Go?

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