New Releases For October 7, 2016

Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor - Cody

Cody isn’t an album that changed everything for Joyce Manor, but Joyce Manor had to change a bit to make their album Cody. For the album, the band camped out in the studio for two months with producer Rob Schnapf, credited on classics by Elliott Smith, Guided By Voices, Saves The Day and Rancid, all in the Joyce Manor record collections, of course. With Schnapf’s help, they’d explore deeper arrangements, new pre-production techniques, and different ways of working both together and with someone else. The result is a record that dares to be humble, intimate and unapologetically human.

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"Last You Heard Of Me"


  1. 1. Fake I.D.
  2. 2. Eighteen
  3. 3. Angel In The Snow
  4. 4. Do You Really Want To Not Get Better?
  5. 5. Last You Heard Of Me
  6. 6. Make Me Dumb
  7. 7. Over Before It Began
  8. 8. Reversing Machine
  9. 9. Stairs
  10. 10. This Song Is A Mess But So Am I

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