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Joss Stone
Water For Your Soul

Joss Stone - Water For Your Soul

Water For Your Soul is a culmination in Joss Stone’s travels in sound, demonstrating how the teen soul prodigy has blossomed into an artist of style and substance. The album pulses with the liquid groove of reggae, dazzles with the mix-and-match sonic adventure of hip hop, shimmers with the exotic sounds of world music and delivers the emotional belt of R&B. “It’s really a combination of all the things I like,” explains Joss. “I’ll always have that bluesy, soul thing because it is in my voice. But these are new songs for me to sing, which is exciting.”

TAGS: Pop | R&B | Soul

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"Stuck On You"


  1. 1. Love Me
  2. 2. This Ain't Love
  3. 3. Stuck On You
  4. 4. Star
  5. 5. Let Me Breathe
  6. 6. Cut The Line
  7. 7. Wake Up
  8. 8. Way Oh
  9. 9. Underworld
  10. 10. Molly Town
  11. 11. Sensimilla
  12. 12. Harry's Symphony
  13. 13. Clean Water
  14. 14. The Answer

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 03
    Detroit, MI, US Joss Stone and Macy Gray at The Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre
  • Jul 08
    Ridgefield, CT, US Joss Stone at Ridgefield Playhouse
  • Jul 09
    Hampton Beach, NH, US Joss Stone with Marc Broussard at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
  • Jul 11
    Lowell, MA, US Joss Stone at Boarding House Park
  • Jul 25
    Las Vegas, NV, US Joss Stone at Sandbar, Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa
  • Jul 26
    Los Angeles (LA), CA, US Gladys Knight with Joss Stone at Greek Theatre
  • Jul 28
    San Diego, CA, US Gladys Knight with Joss Stone at The Shell
  • Aug 26
    Vienna, Austria Joss Stone at Arena Open Air
  • Nov 10
    Zürich, Switzerland Joss Stone at Volkshaus
  • Nov 12
    Bern, Switzerland Joss Stone at Bierhübeli
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