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Josh Rouse
The Happiness Waltz

Josh Rouse - The Happiness Waltz

Sonically, The Happiness Waltz takes a trip back into Rouse's early-2000's period. A number of the new tracks could easily find a home on the AM radio of the late 1970's, nestled between some of the biggest songs of the day.

Lyrically, The Happiness Waltz is very much an album in the present, featuring some of Rouse's most personal songs to date. Rouse reunites with producer Brad Jones, who produced and engineered two of his most beloved albums, 1972 (2003) and Nashville (2005). The common thread running throughout The Happiness Waltz is derived from a newfound wisdom that can only be the result of life-changing transitions.

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"Julie (Come Out Of The Rain)"


  1. 1. Julie (Come Out Of The Rain)
  2. 2. Simple Pleasure
  3. 3. It's Good To Have You
  4. 4. City People, City Things
  5. 5. This Movie's Way Too Long
  6. 6. Our Love
  7. 7. A Lot Like Magic
  8. 8. Start Up A Family
  9. 9. The Western Isles
  10. 10. Purple And Beige
  11. 11. The Ocean
  12. 12. The Happiness Waltz

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 23
    St Louis, MO, US Josh Rouse at Off Broadway
  • Oct 24
    Kansas City, MO, US Josh Rouse at Knuckleheads
  • Oct 29
    Denver, CO, US Josh Rouse at Soiled Dove Underground
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