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Josh Rouse
Love In The Modern Age

Josh Rouse - Love In The Modern Age

For Love In The Modern Age, Josh Rouse focuses on the slick, polished sounds of 1980s adult-oriented pop/rock. The album is loaded with synth sounds of the era, flourishes of saxophone and female vocal harmonies that reflect the polished, suit and tie, modern pop sounds of the ‘80s. Standout tracks on the album include the title track, "Women And The Wind," "I'm Your Man," and "Businessman." While the sounds on the Josh Rouse produced album hark back to the early 1980s, the songs are pure Rouse - soothing hooks and deceptively intricate arrangements that feel familiar and effortless.

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"Salton Sea"


  1. 1. Salton Sea
  2. 2. Ordinary People, Ordinary Lives
  3. 3. Love In The Modern Age
  4. 4. Businessman
  5. 5. Women And The Wind
  6. 6. Tropic Moon
  7. 7. I’m Your Man
  8. 8. Hugs And Kisses
  9. 9. There Was A Time

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 23
    St Louis, MO, US Josh Rouse at Off Broadway
  • Oct 24
    Kansas City, MO, US Josh Rouse at Knuckleheads
  • Oct 29
    Denver, CO, US Josh Rouse at Soiled Dove Underground
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