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Josh Rouse
El Turista

Josh Rouse - El Turista

Unexpected and utterly sublime, El Turista's sultry song cycle shuffles seamlessly in tandem with Getz/Gilberto and Paul Simon's Graceland album as boldly surprising in their eras as El Turista is in this one.

The record marks a new direction for the critically acclaimed artist, while offering the musical sophistication and emotional depth Rouse's devoted constituents have come to expect.

His new songs continue the consistently enthralling body of work highlighted by the modern-day landmark albums 1972 and Nashville. Throughout El Turista's simple Spanish-influenced street rhythms unfurl into epic versions of Guaraldi-like jazz numbers, resulting in yet another career-defining touchstone and a genre-blending album that is as sophisticated as it is infectious.

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"I Will Live on Islands"


  1. Bienvenido
  2. Duerme
  3. Lemon Tree
  4. Sweet Elaine
  5. Mesie Julian
  6. I Will Live on Islands
  7. Valencia
  8. Cotton Eye Joe
  9. Las Voces
  10. Don't Act Tough

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 15
    Columbia, MD, US Josh Rouse at The Soundry
  • Sep 18
    Pittsburgh, PA, US Josh Rouse at Club Café
  • Sep 19
    Lexington, KY, US Josh Rouse at The Burl
  • Sep 28
    Denver, CO, US Josh Rouse at Soiled Dove Underground
  • Sep 29
    Fort Collins, CO, US Josh Rouse at Fort Collins Armory
  • Oct 06
    Decatur, GA, US Josh Rouse and Grant-Lee Phillips at Eddie's Attic
  • Oct 12
    Sellersville, PA, US Josh Rouse and Grant-Lee Phillips at Sellersville Theater 1894
  • Oct 13
    Washington, DC, US Grant-Lee Phillips and Josh Rouse at Pearl Street Warehouse
  • Oct 20
    Minneapolis, MN, US Grant-Lee Phillips and Josh Rouse at Cedar Cultural Center
  • Nov 02
    Turnhout, Belgium Josh Rouse at De Warande
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