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Josh Kelley
New Lane Road

Josh Kelley - New Lane Road

New Lane Road marks the end of a five year-hiatus from singer/songwriter/actor/multi-instrumentalist artist Josh Kelley. His most honest work to date, Josh achieves an organic warmth guided by the influences of Otis Redding, Al Green, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty and Joe Cocker. His new album contains such effortlessly catchy, lyrically engaging new tunes as “Take It On Back.,” “You're My Angel,” “Life's Too Short,” “It's Your Move” and “One Foot In The Grave.”

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"It’s Your Move"


  1. 1. It’s Your Move
  2. 2. The Rock Who Found A Rollin’ Stone
  3. 3. Call It What It Is
  4. 4. Take It On Back
  5. 5. The Best of Me
  6. 6. New Lane Road
  7. 7. One Foot In The Grave
  8. 8. Anywhere You Wanna Go
  9. 9. Cowboy Love Song
  10. 10. I’ll Be Standin’ Tall
  11. 11. Life’s Too Short
  12. 12. Only God Can Stop Her Now

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 26
    Seattle, WA, US Josh Kelley with Harper Grae at Barboza
  • Aug 29
    San Francisco, CA, US Josh Kelley at The Independent
  • Sep 24
    Denver, CO, US Josh Kelly and Josh Kelley with Harper Grae at Globe Hall
  • Sep 26
    Salt Lake City, UT, US Josh Kelley with Harper Grae at The State Room
  • Nov 20
    Cincinnati, OH, US Josh Kelley at Ludlow Garage
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