New Releases For September 30, 2013

Johnny Flynn
Country Mile

Johnny Flynn - Country Mile

Following the critically acclaimed records (A Larum and Been Listening) Johnny Flynn returns with his hugely anticipated new album. After two years of acting in high profile plays such as Jerusalem, The Heretic and Richard III at The Globe, his profile and fanbase has risen significantly with substantial pre-campaign press including a full cover feature in The Independent On Saturday magazine. Country Mile is his most focused and assured set to date.

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"The Lady Is Risen"


  1. 1. Country Mile
  2. 2. After Eliot
  3. 3. The Lady Is Risen
  4. 4. Murmuration
  5. 5. Gypsy Hymn
  6. 6. Fol-De-Rol
  7. 7. Einstein's Idea
  8. 8. Tinker's Trail
  9. 9. Bottom Of The Sea Blues
  10. 10. Time Unremembered

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