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John Singer Sergeant
John Singer Sergeant

John Singer Sergeant - John Singer Sergeant

On his first full-length album since 2008, John Dufilho has indeed taken a high-minded route. To be released under his new John Singer Sergeant moniker - a reference to 19th Century American painter John Singer Sargent - this latest affair is a collaborative effort; Dufilho, recorded, performed, and mixed the 14-track album's backing music entirely by himself (aside from a few piano parts contributed by Rich Martin) and invited a cast of musician acquaintances and close family friends to replace him on lead vocals.

Guests: Ben Kweller, The Apples' Robert Schneider, Rhett Miller, Death Cab for Cutie's Chris Walla, Centro-matic's Will Johnson, Kool and the Gang's remarkable Sir Earl Toon, and indie chanteuse Sarah Jaffe.

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"Big Distortion - Will Johnson"


  1. 1. Big Distortion - Will Johnson
  2. 2. Mountains, Oceans, Elephants - Ben Kweller
  3. 3. Jinxed - Robert Schneider
  4. 4. Dizzy Joy - Sir Earl Toon
  5. 5. My Own Worst Critic - Rhett Miller
  6. 6. Married To The Sea - Marcus Striplin & Sarah Jaffe
  7. 7. Birdy Num Num - Danette Dufilho & Letty Gomez
  8. 8. Why Does Your Moog Effect Me So? - Brandon Carr & Dylan Silvers
  9. 9. Kick Your Feet Up High (Kid's Song) - CJ Davis
  10. 10. Lazy Days Are Good - Erik Sanden
  11. 11. Crooked Teeth Like A Broken Piano - Salim Nourallah
  12. 12. Gone In A Second - Tony Miller, Sarah Jaffe & Spyche
  13. 13. Normal Sounds Weird - Chris Walla & Rachel Demy
  14. 14. It's Hard To Run Uphill On Stilts - Spyche