New Releases For May 3, 2011

John Martyn
Heaven And Earth

John Martyn - Heaven And Earth

Heaven and Earth is the final chapter of John Martyn's illustrious recording career which has totaled 46 albums throughout the years. John died in January 2009 during the final phase of recording this project. His long time producer and friend, Jim Tullio along with co-producer Gary Pollitt completed the process finishing the album last year.

An icon in British folk rock history John's unique stylings have been revered by many, including Phil Collins (who appears on this album), Eric Clapton, as well as 30 contemporary artists that have contributed to an upcoming tribute project including David Gray, Paolo Nutini, Snow Patrol, Robert Smith and Beth Orton.

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"Can't Turn Back The Years"


  1. 1. Heel Of The Hunt
  2. 2. Stand Amazed
  3. 3. Heaven And Earth
  4. 4. Bad Company
  5. 5. Could've Told You Before I Met You
  6. 6. Gambler
  7. 7. Can't Turn Back The Years
  8. 8. Colour
  9. 9. Willing To Work