New Releases For February 25, 2014

Joe Louis Walker
Hornet's Nest

Joe Louis Walker - Hornet's Nest

The wisdom and soul of the blues welded to the attack of rock, with Walker's powerhouse voice and stinging guitar work setting the tone. Nine new originals, plus cool new versions of the Rolling Stones' 'Ride On, Baby' and Roy Hamilton's 'Don't Let Go.' From raucous rockers like the title track and 'Ramblin' Soul' to the deep down blues of 'Stick A Fork In Me' and 'I'm Gonna Walk Outside,' Joe Louis Walker creates vital, modern-day roots music like no other.

'Powerful, soul-stirring, fierce and gritty. A legendary boundary-pushing icon of modern blues' - NPR

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"Hornet's Nest"


  1. 1. Hornet's Nest
  2. 2. All I Wanted To Do
  3. 3. As The Sun Goes Down
  4. 4. Stick A Fork In Me
  5. 5. Don't Let Go
  6. 6. Love Enough
  7. 7. Ramblin' Soul
  8. 8. Ride On, Baby
  9. 9. Soul City
  10. 10. I'm Gonna Walk Outside

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