New Releases For April 28, 2017

Jimmy Urine
The Secret Cinematic Sounds Of Jimmy Urine

Jimmy Urine - The Secret Cinematic Sounds Of Jimmy Urine

With Mindless Self Indulgence currently on hiatus, Jimmy Urine has been keeping busy by exploring his personal pleasures of synthesizers, comic books and video games; extending his creative palette in movie soundtracks, TV and video game music. He has now collected all those songs plus new ones and is releasing them as one compilation album. The album artwork is 16-bit art reminiscent of Moog albums from the 1970s. Jimmy Urine is also appearing in the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. So bust out the synths and drum machines and snort some vaporware for a chiptune adventure.

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"Fighting With The Melody"


  1. 1. Fighting With The Melody
  2. 2. I Want To Be Human
  3. 3. Phase
  4. 4. Final Level
  5. 5. End Boss
  6. 6. All Together Friends Forever
  7. 7. Patty Hearst
  8. 8. Not For Me
  9. 9. Aching Addicted Affection Again
  10. 10. Salome
  11. 11. Beethoven Symph 7 Alleg Mvt 2
  12. 12. Available On Betamax
  13. 13. Lento Romantico Erotic Incubo
  14. 14. Based On A True Story