New Releases For May 1, 2012

Jimmy Nash
The Road To 33

Jimmy Nash - The Road To 33

He may be a born in Houston, raised in Nashville guy, but we'd venture to say that Jimmy Nash is right at home in the bliss of Southern California, his newly adopted residence. The new album The Road to 33 from the singer has been exemplified by his recent release 'More than Crazy,' and upcoming single 'Save Me' produced by Todd Hannigan at Brotheryn Studios Ojai, CA.

He has garnered great sponsorships from Logitech/Ultimate Ears to The Private Journey magazine. With a decidedly different way to approach the ever broadening 'genre' base, Nash keeps it simple with beautiful lyrics and a soaring vocal range that can be spread across the gamut.

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"Before You Go"


  1. 1. More Than Crazy
  2. 2. Save Me
  3. 3. She's My Baby
  4. 4. Your Love
  5. 5. You Are Mine
  6. 6. Before You Go
  7. 7. You
  8. 8. Tomorrow
  9. 9. Make It With You

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