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Jim Lauderdale
Time Flies

Jim Lauderdale - Time Flies

Jim Lauderdale's 31st album, Time Flies, is a return to what he does best: classic country infused with striking notes of Americana and soul. As a two-time Grammy winner and multi-genre dabbler, Lauderdale is able to carve out space for himself in music worlds both familiar and foreign, and after a creative legacy spanning nearly three decades, it's no surprise that his ability to rejuvenate his sound is indomitable. Time Flies was recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN, and produced by Jim Lauderdale and Jay Weaver. Special guests include Charles Odie Blackmon, Mando Saenz, and Pete Bernhard.

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"Time Flies"


  1. 1. Time Flies
  2. 2. The Road Is A River
  3. 3. Violet
  4. 4. Slow As Molasses
  5. 5. Where The Cars Go By Fast
  6. 6. When I Held The Cards
  7. 7. Wearing Out Your Cool
  8. 8. Wild On Me Fast
  9. 9. While You’re Hoping
  10. 10. It Blows My Mind
  11. 11. If the World’s Still Here Tomorrow

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 21
    Live Oak, FL, US Suwannee Spring Reunion 2019
  • Mar 21
    Live Oak, FL, US Spirit of Suwannee 2019
  • Apr 11
    Greer, SC, US Spring Skunk Music Fest 2019
  • Apr 26
    Wilkesboro, NC, US MerleFest 2019
  • May 03
    Kansas City, MO, US Jim Lauderdale with Sara Morgan, The Grisly Hand, and Outlaw Jim and The Whiskey Benders at Knuckleheads
  • Aug 09
    Greenville, TX, US Jim Lauderdale at The Texan Theatre
  • Aug 10
    Temple, TX, US Jim Lauderdale at Cultural Activities Center
  • Sep 20
    Bristol, TN, US Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2019
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