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Jim Lauderdale
From Another World

Jim Lauderdale - From Another World

Two-time Grammy winning Americana icon Jim Lauderdale returns with From Another World, a ten-song collection of empathy, love, forgiveness and humility, an antidote to the anger and divisiveness of today’s world. McCartney-esque melodies, Dylan-esque lyrics, bluegrass, and twangy psychedelia collide on From Another World. Jim has once again opened his heart wide and delivered a beautiful record where country music still cries with the sound of pedal steel guitar and beautiful lyrics flow through aching indelible melodies.

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  1. 1. Some Horses Run Free
  2. 2. When You Can't Get What Your Heart Wants
  3. 3. The Secrets Of The Pyramids
  4. 4. Like People From Another World
  5. 5. One Away
  6. 6. Listen
  7. 7. For Keeps
  8. 8. Slow Turn In The Road
  9. 9. I'll Forgive You If You Don't
  10. 10. The Graceland Horses
  11. 11. Ever Living Loving Day
  12. 12. Are You Trying To Make A Song Out Of Us?

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