New Releases For May 7, 2013

Jessica Campbell
The Anchor & The Sail

Jessica Campbell - The Anchor & The Sail

The sophomore album from the Nashville-based singer/songwriter. The album traces romantic relationships from balmy beginnings to painfully complex ends with bold emotionality. Produced by longtime creative collaborator Cason Cooley, the album was recorded over six weeks in Nashville, with the two meticulously tailoring each song's production aesthetic.

The Anchor & The Sail was carefully culled from a pool of songs birthed from a flood of creativity. The album refines the whimsical pop of her previous album but also adds elegantly essential acoustic songs reflective of her intimate live shows.

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  1. 1. Time
  2. 2. My Patchwork Heart
  3. 3. Gone
  4. 4. The Anchor & The Sail
  5. 5. Sunnyside
  6. 6. Mississippi
  7. 7. Something About Trains
  8. 8. Be You
  9. 9. Don't Call Me
  10. 10. Doors