New Releases For August 2, 2011

Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter
Marble Son

Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter - Marble Son

'Alternative country, no... more like alternative universe. A sprawling psych rock vision.' - SPIN

'Flush with cavernous sonics and complex soundscapes, it's 58 minutes of aural cinema for the ears and mind.' - Tone

'Whether the sonic setting is one of doomy distortion or fragile fingerpicking, Sykes remains a truly unique vocalist whose dusky voice is capable of imparting a transcendent, almost spiritual quality to almost any tune it touches.' - All Music Guide

'Terrific...A roaring, psychedelic tempest.' - Uncut **** (4 stars)

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"Come To Mary"


  1. 1. Hushed By Devotion
  2. 2. Marble Son
  3. 3. Come To Mary
  4. 4. Servant Of Your Vision
  5. 5. Ceiling's High
  6. 6. Be It Me, Or Be It None
  7. 7. Pleasuring The Divine
  8. 8. Weight Of Cancer
  9. 9. Birds Of Passerine
  10. 10. Your Own Kind
  11. 11. Wooden Roses