New Releases For March 31, 2015

Jesse Malin
New York Before The War

Jesse Malin - New York Before The War

Pared down from close to forty songs, New York Before The War is a soundtrack to a life lived with meaning.

“This is an era when music is so disposable,” Malin worries. “People talk about the death of the album and even the death of rock & roll. But this is not just a shuffle of songs. There is a cinematic thread, a story.”

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  1. 1. The Dreamers
  2. 2. Addicted
  3. 3. Turn Up The Mains
  4. 4. Oh Sheena
  5. 5. She’s So Dangerous
  6. 6. The Year That I Was Born
  7. 7. Boots Of Immigration
  8. 8. Freeway
  9. 9. Bent Up
  10. 10. She Don’t Love Me Now
  11. 11. Death Star
  12. 12. I Would Do It For You
  13. 13. Bar Life

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 30
    New York (NYC), NY, US Jesse Malin with Debbie Harry at Your Home!
  • Jun 24
    Oxted, UK Jesse Malin at United Reformed Church
  • Jun 28
    Birmingham, UK Jesse Malin at Hare & Hounds
  • Jun 30
    London, UK Jesse Malin with Tom Bright at The Lexington
  • Jul 01
    Leicester, UK Jesse Malin at The Musician
  • Jul 03
    Hull, UK Jesse Malin at z
  • Oct 01
    Hamburg, Germany Jesse Malin at Nochtwache
  • Oct 31
    Breda, Netherlands ROOTZZ 2020
  • Nov 01
    The Hague, Netherlands Jesse Malin at Paard
  • Nov 02
    Paris, France Jesse Malin at La Boule Noire
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