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Jeremy & The Harlequins
Into The Night

Jeremy & The Harlequins - Into The Night

With the release of their second album, Into The Night, Jeremy & The Harlequins build on the momentum of last year's American Dreamer. Their song "Trip Into The Light" was picked by Bruce Springsteen's right hand man, Steve Van Zandt, as the coolest track in the world for July, 2016. Channeling influences of 1950s rock’n’roll through the lens of 2016, Jeremy & The Harlequins capture the sound of New York with Into The Night. It's a record about love and loss, dreams and reality. It is familiar and fresh, a new friend that you feel like you’ve known for decades.

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"Rhythm Don’t Lie"


  1. 1. Into The Night
  2. 2. No One Cares
  3. 3. Rhythm Don’t Lie
  4. 4. For Angels
  5. 5. Let Her Run
  6. 6. Big Beat
  7. 7. Drinkin’ By Myself
  8. 8. Critical Condition
  9. 9. There’s A Girl
  10. 10. Oh Yeah (I Did It Again)

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