New Releases For January 29, 2013

Jeremy Pelt
Water And Earth

Jeremy Pelt - Water And Earth

For most trumpeters in jazz today it must be difficult to walk the tightrope stretched between the pits of history and progress but Jeremy Pelt has been doing it with ease.

His bands have been lauded for their intense interplay which calls to mind Miles, Shorter and Tony Williams.

Using some electronics - including the Rhodes, Prophet and trumpet effects - the band defies categorization and, in Jeremy's words, 'isn't about a change in direction as much as it's about strengthening my commitment to my art at present.'

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  1. 1. Reimagine The World
  2. 2. Mystique
  3. 3. In Dreams
  4. 4. Boom Bishop
  5. 5. Meditations On A Conversation We Had
  6. 6. Stay
  7. 7. Pieces Of A Dream
  8. 8. Prior Convictions
  9. 9. Butterfly Dreams

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 16
    Poznan, Poland Jeremy Pelt at Blue Note
  • Apr 18
    Warsaw, Poland Jeremy Pelt at Klub Hybrydy
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