New Releases For February 4, 2014

Jeremy Messersmith
Heart Murmurs

Jeremy Messersmith - Heart Murmurs

On Heart Murmurs, Jeremy Messersmith can break your heart one minute, and then put those fragile pieces back together again the next. The Minneapolis singer-songwriter candidly chronicles the ups and downs of modern relationships, all within the simple but striking constructs of his indelible, poignant pop songs. On his assured and expansive fourth full-length album, Messersmith moves past the existential, death-laden themes of his 2010 breakthrough, The Reluctant Graveyard, to focus instead on the broad topic of love and the eternal affairs of the heart. And this polished, impassioned new batch of songs represent another confident artistic step forward in Jeremy's flourishing career.

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  1. 1. It's Only Dancing
  2. 2. Tourniquet
  3. 3. Bridges
  4. 4. Steve
  5. 5. Ghost
  6. 6. Heidi
  7. 7. I Want To Be Your One Night Stand
  8. 8. You'll Only Break His Heart
  9. 9. Bubblin'
  10. 10. Hitman
  11. 11. Someday, Someone

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 11
    Red Wing, MN, US Jeremy Messersmith at The Sheldon Theatre
  • May 15
    Saint Cloud, MN, US Jeremy Messersmith at Pioneer Place on Fifth Theatre
  • Jun 30
    St. Louis Park, MN, US Common Sound 2019
  • Aug 03
    Center City, MN, US Hazelfest 2019
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