New Releases For February 5, 2013

Jenny O.

Jenny O. - Automechanic

Automechanic is the appropriately titled debut full-length by Los Angeles artist, Jenny O. A great distance from her Long Island, New York beginnings on the now critically praised EP, Home, Jenny O. has refined her songwriting to a well-oiled machine.

With touches of noteworthy Los Angeles mile-markers like Harry Nilsson, Ricky Lee Jones, Randy Newman, and Carole King, her playful attitude towards life shines here in sweepingly poignant songwriting and lyrical delivery. Automechanic is metaphor for taking the wheel, self-sufficiency and the courage of artistic honesty. Upon first listen to Automechanic, the nature of Jenny O.'s vision rings clear.

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"Good Love"


  1. 1. Automechanic
  2. 2. Lazy Jane
  3. 3. Come Get Me
  4. 4. Get Lost
  5. 5. Learned My Lessons
  6. 6. Opposite Island
  7. 7. Good Love
  8. 8. Dope Van Gough
  9. 9. Hey Neighbor
  10. 10. In Our Hands
  11. 11. Sun Moon And Stars