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Jenny Jarnagin
Heart Percent EP

Jenny Jarnagin - Heart Percent EP

On Heart Percent you will find Jenny exploring a wide range of sonic textures, mixing rich harmonies, introspective melodies and lyrical honesty. Over the course of the new EP she belts out empowering songs like “It's Not Right” and “It’s Time” as well as power ballads such as “Like A River,” and “When Love Is Gone.” Rounding out the wide variety of sounds on the EP is the electro-pop infused “Stand On.” Jenny has found a way to unleash stories about heartache and self-reflection and wrap them in melodies that make a heavy subject feel light.

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"It’s Not Right"


  1. 1. It’s Not Right
  2. 2. Like A River
  3. 3. It’s Time
  4. 4. Stand On
  5. 5. When Love Is Gone

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 21
    Willcox, AZ, US Willcox Wine Country Festival 2017
  • Oct 28
    Mesa, AZ, US Jenny Jarnagin at The Cutting Board Bakery & Cafe
  • Nov 17
    Scottsdale, AZ, US Jenny Jarnagin at Gwin Wine and Beer
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