New Releases For August 31, 2010

Jenny and Johnny
I'm Having Fun Now

Jenny and Johnny - I'm Having Fun Now

Jenny and Johnny is a group created by Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis and singer-songwriter Johnathan Rice. Jenny and Johnathan have been collaborating on and off for years, each contributing to the other's solo records and live shows, but with this record they had a different intention: using their two voices in close harmony and playing practically every instrument themselves. The result is an eleven-song thirty-five minute blast of whip-smart rock and roll.

This is not a Rilo Kiley record, a Jenny Lewis record, or a Johnathan Rice record. This is Jenny And Johnny. They're having fun now, and they want you to, too.

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"Big Wave"


  1. 1. Scissor Runner
  2. 2. My Pet Snake
  3. 3. Switchblade
  4. 4. Big Wave
  5. 5. While Men Are Dreaming
  6. 6. Animal
  7. 7. Just Like Zeus
  8. 8. New York Cartoon
  9. 9. Straight Edge Of The Blade
  10. 10. Slavedriver
  11. 11. Committed