New Releases For May 11, 2010

Jennifer Knapp
Letting Go

Jennifer Knapp - Letting Go

Grammy nominated Jennifer Knapp returns from a seven-year hiatus with the new album Letting Go. After selling over 1 million albums in the Christian market, this album marks her debut in the Rock/AAA format. She has recently been garnering much national press for the revelation of her same-sex long term relationship including Larry King Live, Huffington Post, New York Times, Christianity Today and The Advocate.

TAGS: Christian

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"Dive In"


  1. 1. Dive In
  2. 2. Want For Nothing
  3. 3. Fallen
  4. 4. On Love
  5. 5. Inside
  6. 6. Letting Go
  7. 7. Mr. Gray
  8. 8. Better Off
  9. 9. If It Made A Difference
  10. 10. Stone To The River

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