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Live At Bogart's

Jellyfish - Live At Bogart's

Jellyfish Live At Bogart's features thirteen tracks including five previously unissued performances. This set was recorded in 1991 at Bogart's (hence the clever title) in Long Beach, California while the band were on tour supporting their debut album Bellybutton. Available on CD or as a double LP with three sides of music and one side with laser-etched art. The first 1,500 copies will be pressed on translucent blue vinyl, and when those are gone, they're gone.

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"The King Is Half-Undressed"


  1. 1. Hold Your Head Up / Hello
  2. 2. Calling Sarah
  3. 3. The King Is Half-Undressed
  4. 4. I Wanna Stay Home
  5. 5. Bye Bye Bye
  6. 6. She Still Loves Him
  7. 7. Will You Marry Me
  8. 8. Now She Knows She's Wrong
  9. 9. Baby Come Back / Baby's Coming Back
  10. 10. No Matter What
  11. 11. All I Want Is Everything
  12. 12. The Man I Used To Be
  13. 13. Let 'em In / That Is Why

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