New Releases For May 21, 2013

Jeffrey Foucault & Cold Satellite

Jeffrey Foucault & Cold Satellite - Cavalcade

In December 2012, Cold Satellite - the 6 piece band centered on the collaboration between critically acclaimed songwriter Jeffrey Foucault and award-winning poet Lisa Olstein - went into the studio to begin recording Cavalcade, a sophomore album that both refines and concentrates the band's signature amalgam of rock, blues, and country.

Cold Satellite pairs Lisa Olstein's visceral and imagistic language with Jeffrey Foucault's lyrical sensibility and the rawboned authority of a rock band to create a stripped down ethos that hearkens back to records by Crazy Horse and the Faces, Led Zeppelin and the Stones.

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  1. 1. Elegy (In A Distant Room)
  2. 2. Necessary Monsters
  3. 3. Calvacade
  4. 4. Careless Flame
  5. 5. Sleepers Wake
  6. 6. Pearlscent
  7. 7. Bomblet
  8. 8. Silver Whips
  9. 9. Glass Hands
  10. 10. Elsewhere