New Releases For October 2, 2015

Jeff Lorber Fusion
Step It Up

Jeff Lorber Fusion - Step It Up

Keyboardist/composer/producer Jeff Lorber, heralded as one of the founding fathers of fusion, continues to reach new levels and stretch the envelope by crystallizing jazz, funk, rock and world music. Since the late 1970s, his distinctive sound has connected with audiences from a variety of continents, cultures and generations. Jeff Lorber Fusion has released Step It Up, which expands the boundaries of contemporary and fusion jazz. Produced by Jeff Lorber and Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets), Step It Up features a variety of musical guests: Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Robben Ford (guitar), Jimmy Haslip (bass), Gary Meek (saxophone), Bob Mintzer (saxophone), Gary Novak (drums), Ash Soan (drums) and many others.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Get Up"


  1. 1. Get Up
  2. 2. Up On This
  3. 3. Mustang
  4. 4. Fire Spirit (Featuring Bob Mintzer)
  5. 5. Arecibo (Featuring Robben Ford)
  6. 6. Right On Time
  7. 7. Starfish
  8. 8. Tenth Victim
  9. 9. Deep Green
  10. 10. Soul Party
  11. 11. Step It Up

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