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Jason James' self-titled debut introduces a charismatic young artist whose effortless mastery of his chosen style serves as a deeply compelling vehicle for his vibrant creative spirit. The talented Texan writes rousing honky-tonk anthems, heart-tugging ballads and smart, sly-humored country-rock tunes that echo the vintage classics that are his touchstones, and sings them with a level of emotional urgency that makes it clear that he means every word. The thirteen original compositions that comprise Jason James make it clear that the artist is making music that's timeless rather than retro, reflecting his interest in adding to country tradition rather than merely emulating it.

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"I’ve Been Drinkin’ More"


  1. 1. Here Comes The Heartache
  2. 2. I’ve Been Drinkin’ More
  3. 3. Hot Mouth Mama
  4. 4. Fancy Limousine
  5. 5. World Of Make Believe
  6. 6. Back In My Arms
  7. 7. Buppa-Bup-Bow-Bow
  8. 8. True Blues
  9. 9. I Wonder If You’ll Ever Come Around
  10. 10. I’ll Set You Free
  11. 11. Pullin’ Out The Suit
  12. 12. Welcome To The Blues
  13. 13. Walk Through My Heart