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Jason Hawk Harris
Love & The Dark

Jason Hawk Harris - Love & The Dark

“If Jason Hawk Harris isn’t selling out the Ryman within the next year or so, something’s amiss. This is a kind of genius global country music that should be popular with purists and freewheelers alike.” – Paste Magazine

Jason Hawk Harris walks a line that touches on Lyle Lovett’s lyrical frankness, John Moreland’s punk cerebralism and Judee Sill’s mysticism and orchestral sensibility. Plus the literate and sonic audacity of an early Steve Earle - an outlaw unafraid to embrace harmony.

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"Cussing At The Light"


  1. 1. The Smoke And The Stars
  2. 2. Cussing At The Light
  3. 3. Confused
  4. 4. Giving In
  5. 5. Phantom Limb
  6. 6. I'm Afraid
  7. 7. Blessed Interruption
  8. 8. Red Room Blues
  9. 9. Grandfather