New Releases For February 12, 2016

Jared Rabin
Something Left To Say

Jared Rabin - Something Left To Say

Something Left To Say is the critically acclaimed self-produced debut from Chicago artist Jared Rabin. Rabin recorded nearly every part on the record, from soaring slide guitars, ripping bluegrass fiddle, to the tight vocal harmonies that permeate every song. A unique brand of playing and songwriting creates cohesion throughout nine very different tracks. Popdose summed it up, writing “…this is just plain excellent. And a pleasure to listen to.”

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"Something Left To Say"


  1. 1. Something Left To Say
  2. 2. Eight Trips Around The Sun
  3. 3. A Memory Forever
  4. 4. I Remember Last December
  5. 5. Not Heart Broken
  6. 6. Old Man In The Rain
  7. 7. Nothing I Can Do
  8. 8. Try
  9. 9. Ride The Wheel