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Janis Siegel
Night Songs

Janis Siegel - Night Songs

Founding member of the world's pre-eminent vocal group, interpreting American music from swing to rock and pop to vocalese and rhythm and blues. Over the years, Janis has sung lead on many of the Manhattan Transfer's biggest hits, including 'Operator,' 'Twilight Zone,' 'The Boy from New York City,' 'Mystery,' 'Spice of Life,' 'Shaker Song,' 'Birdland,' 'Ray's Rockhouse,' and the 5-million selling 'Chanson D'Amour.'

Janis co-produced the group's Pastiche album, and has arranged many of the vocals on the Transfer's 18 albums, yielding her a Grammy for Best Vocal Arrangement for 'Birdland.' In 1991, Janis co-wrote and sang lead on the Grammy-winning performance for 'Sassy.'

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"Sweet September Rain"


  1. 1. Love Saves (Salva Pantallas)
  2. 2. Slow
  3. 3. Love And Paris Rain
  4. 4. If You Never Come To Me (Inutil Paisgem)
  5. 5. Marie
  6. 6. You're Mine Too
  7. 7. Sweet September Rain
  8. 8. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
  9. 9. Midnight Sun
  10. 10. Lover
  11. 11. Say You'll Go
  12. 12. Clair De Lune