New Releases For September 10, 2013

Janelle Monae
The Electric Lady

Janelle Monae - The Electric Lady

The Electric Lady is an urgent and dangerous form of dance music, rebel music that forces one to fight, jam, and fall in love. Like on The ArchAndroid, the sonic textures of the album are varied, and the past and present come together to explode and create a mind-blowing future for pop and soul music.

For example, wondrous strings reminiscent of Curtis Mayfield and Bernard Herrmann orchestrations abound, Hendrixian guitar solos soar, Outkast-like raps float over punk rock riffs; defiant socially-conscious lyrics extol the virtues of soul-searching and fighting for change, while the funk simply melts your speakers.

TAGS: Pop | R&B | Soul

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"Q.U.E.E.N. [Featuring Erykah Badu]"


  1. 1. Suite IV: Electric Overture
  2. 2. Givin Em What They Love [Featuring Prince]
  3. 3. Q.U.E.E.N. [Featuring Erykah Badu]
  4. 4. Electric Lady [Featuring Solange]
  5. 5. Good Morning Midnight (Interlude)
  6. 6. PrimeTime [Featuring Miguel]
  7. 7. We Were Rock And Roll
  8. 8. The Chrome Shoppe (Interlude)
  9. 9. Dance Apocalyptic
  10. 10. Look Into My Eyes
  11. 11. Suite V: Electric Overture
  12. 12. It's Code
  13. 13. Ghetto Woman
  14. 14. Our Favorite Fugitive (Interlude)
  15. 15. Victory
  16. 16. Can't Live Without Your Love
  17. 17. Sally Ride
  18. 18. Dorothy Dandridge Eyes [Featuring Esperanza Spalding]
  19. 19. What An Experience