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Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell - Compass

Jamie Lidell hasn't stopped moving.

He's like a shark. Albeit a stone cold funked-up, sonically obsessed, romantically soulful killer shark. And he isn't going to stop. No, he won't stop. Please don't ask him to. Just get out of the way, enjoy the spectacle and the soundtrack.

Lidell is back with his 4th album, Compass, his most eclectic album yet. Songs shift, chop, change and mutate genres and forms before our very ears. It's got funk in spades; the jaw-dropping power of the vocals is stronger than ever; it rocks, it pops, it's sweet, angry, hard, soulful and soft, often within the span of a single track.

It's the restless album that finally matches the soul of its creator, and features contributions from Beck, Feist, members of Grizzly Bear, and Wilco.

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: May 18, 2010 ON Warp


  1. 1. Completely Exposed
  2. 2. Your Sweet Boom
  3. 3. She Needs Me
  4. 4. I Wanna Be Your Telephone
  5. 5. Enough's Enough
  6. 6. The Ring
  7. 7. You Are Waking
  8. 8. I Can Love Again
  9. 9. It's a Kiss
  10. 10. Compass
  11. 11. Gypsy Blood
  12. 12. Coma Chameleon
  13. 13. Big Drift
  14. 14. You Are My Light

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