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James Taylor (Remastered)

James Taylor - James Taylor (Remastered)

James Taylor's debut album, recorded in 1968, includes two of his best loved songs, 'Something In The Way She Moves' and 'Carolina In My Mind.' Both are familiar to millions from the 1976 versions that open his 11 x Platinum Greatest Hits, but were first recorded for Apple Records in 1968.

Here are the original recordings, alongside 10 equally strong others, made in London with a little help from top musicians and some baroque English strings.

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"Carolina In My Mind"


  1. 1. Don't Talk Now
  2. 2. Something's Wrong
  3. 3. Knocking 'Round The Zoo
  4. 4. Sunshine Sunshine
  5. 5. Taking It In
  6. 6. Something In The Way She Moves
  7. 7. Carolina In My Mind
  8. 8. Brighten Your Night With My Day
  9. 9. Night Owl
  10. 10. Rainy Day Man
  11. 11. Circle 'Round the Sun
  12. 12. The Blues Is Just A Bad Dream

  13. Physical & Digital Bonus Tracks
  14. (Previously Unreleased Demo Versions)
  15. 13. Sunny Skies
  16. 14. Let Me Ride
  17. 15. Sunshine Sunshine
  18. 16. Carolina In My Mind

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