New Releases For January 15, 2013

James Keith Norman
Lay Your Worries Down

James Keith Norman - Lay Your Worries Down

With his second EP, Lay Your Worries Down, James Keith Norman delivers more of his 'country-comfort' brand of Americana. James's sound is aptly described as 'Lyle Lovett meets Rodney Crowell over a couple of Budweisers and a few shots of Jim Beam.' And the songs present distinctive perspectives on subjects that most of us can relate to.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Nashville, the EP features Rob Hajacos (fiddle), Chris Cottros (acoustic guitars), Jon Conley (electric guitars), Smith Curry (pedal steel and dobro), Dane Bryant (piano and organ), John Howard (bass), Wayne Killius (drums), and Kristin Wilkinson (viola).

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"Nothing's Gonna Hold You Back"


  1. 1. Nothing's Gonna Hold You Back
  2. 2. Heart To Heart
  3. 3. Let Me Help You
  4. 4. If I Never
  5. 5. I Don't Care Anymore