New Releases For July 22, 2016

James Gordon
Sunny Jim

James Gordon - Sunny Jim

On his seventh album for Borealis Records, James Gordon reminds us of his acoustic trio days with his former band Tamarack. With Sunny Jim, the recently-elected city councillor for his hometown Guelph, Ontario delivers his progressive politics through melodies that can only come from a first-class songwriter. Recorded in his own new studio, James plays piano, acoustic and electric guitar, trilele, banjo, accordion, harmonica, tin whistle, recorder and trumpet. Keeping it in the family, James is joined by his sons Evan Gordon and Geordie Gordon on bass, guitars, fiddle and percussion.

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"Took The Long Way Home"


  1. 1. Sunny Jim
  2. 2. This Canoe Runs On Water
  3. 3. Took The Long Way Home
  4. 4. I Picture You
  5. 5. Change Train
  6. 6. Are You Busy?
  7. 7. Halong Bay
  8. 8. I'm Just An Old Farmhouse
  9. 9. Call To Arms
  10. 10. No Matter Where This River Flows
  11. 11. Moon In The Man
  12. 12. Frobisher Bay