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James Blood Ulmer
Odyssey (Vinyl Reissue)

James Blood Ulmer - Odyssey (Vinyl Reissue)

Odyssey stands as Ulmer's signature masterpiece, the purest and most accessible showcase for his bold, genre-clashing guitar vision. With minimal accompaniment - only drummer Warren Benbow and violinist Charles Burnham - Ulmer's guitar is always the meat of the ensemble, covering bass parts as well as guitar leads.

AllMusic's Steve Huey calls it 'not only Ulmer's finest album, but a certified classic of the modern jazz avant-garde.' Now Odyssey finally gets the audiophile treatment it deserves, in the form of a double LP, mastered at 45RPM by Bernie Grundman, pressed on 180gram vinyl, and housed in case-wrapped gatefold jacket.

TAGS: Free Jazz | Jazz


  1. 1. Church
  2. 2. Little Red House
  3. 3. Love Dance
  4. 4. Are You Glad To Be In America?
  5. 5. Election
  6. 6. Odyssey
  7. 7. Please Tell Her
  8. 8. Swing & Things