New Releases For July 31, 2012

Jaime Leopold
Jaime Leopold & The Short Stories

Jaime Leopold - Jaime Leopold & The Short Stories

A collection of folk, country and American quirk.

'Born in Brooklyn in '42, shot dope at fourteen. Wouldn't you?' - from the song, 'Johnny Damn The Consequence.'

Life songs and folk tales from the original Dan Hicks & Hot Licks bass player, Jaime Leopold backed by his cracker-jack band, the Short Stories and featuring violinist extraordinaire, Sid Page. Every tune a ticket to coolsville. Words and music to your liking.

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"In The Land Of Muscle Cars"


  1. 1. My Rebel Days Are Over
  2. 2. Follow Me Down
  3. 3. I Threw My Hat Up To The Stars
  4. 4. In The Land Of Muscle Cars
  5. 5. Hellbent
  6. 6. Jesus Loves A Fool Like Me
  7. 7. C'mon Mexico!
  8. 8. Take A Trip Downtown
  9. 9. The Window On Prince Street
  10. 10. Johnny Damn The Consequence
  11. 11. Five O'clock Riser
  12. 12. So We Go