New Releases For September 10, 2013

Jacuzzi Boys
Jacuzzi Boys

Jacuzzi Boys - Jacuzzi Boys

The conquerors of the Johns and the Janes. The rulers of the rock. The cool fools that you make you drool. Straight out of Miami, FL, Jacuzzi Boys are back with a band new album of electric rock 'n' roll to keep you buzzin', cousin.

With their self-titled third full-length, Jacuzzi Boys are going grand, building limestone monuments to those that boogied before them, while writing hypnotic earworms by the light of a cigarette. Gone is the swamp-thing snarl. In its place, the indestructible cool of the casino slot-jockey with nothing to lose.

The new album is a jammer for the mind, a feel-good freak out full of lasers and lipstick.

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"Be My Prism"


  1. 1. Be My Prism
  2. 2. Black Gloves
  3. 3. Double Vision
  4. 4. Dust
  5. 5. Rubble
  6. 6. Over The Zoom
  7. 7. Guillotine
  8. 8. Heavy Horse
  9. 9. Hotline
  10. 10. Domino Moon
  11. 11. Ultraglide

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 23
    Orlando, FL, US Jacuzzi Boys with Golden Pelicans at Will's Pub
  • Sep 04
    Ramonville St Agne, France Jacuzzi Boys, Cathedrale, and Oh Sees at LE BIKINI
  • Sep 13
    Barcelona, Spain Gambeat Weekend Barcelona 2019
  • Sep 16
    Clermont-Ferrand, France Jacuzzi Boys at La Coopérative De Mai - Petite Coopé
  • Sep 16
    Clermont-Ferrand, France Mystic Braves and Jacuzzi Boys at La Cooperative de Mai
  • Sep 17
    Paris, France Jacuzzi Boys and Baked Beans at Supersonic
  • Sep 18
    Rouen, France Jacuzzi Boys and Mystic Braves at 106
  • Sep 19
    Lille, France Mystic Braves with Jacuzzi Boys at L'Aéronef
  • Sep 21
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Jacuzzi Boys at Skatecafe Karin & Yvonne
  • Sep 23
    Cardiff, UK Jacuzzi Boys at The Moon
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