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Jackiem Joyner
Church Boy

Jackiem Joyner - Church Boy

Renowned chart-topping contemporary jazz artist and producer Jackiem Joyner taps into his long-held belief that his music has always been inspired by God. Joyner brings together his beloved jazz and his foundational gospel music. Church Boy offers covers of familiar contemporary gospel hits as well as songs penned, produced and arranged by Joyner. The fusion of the two distinct genres of jazz and gospel flow seamlessly for the popular saxophonist. Joyner is currently on a 20-city tour with Keiko Matsui.

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"City On Our Knees"


  1. 1. You Are Good
  2. 2. City On Our Knees
  3. 3. I Smile
  4. 4. Hosanna
  5. 5. Still I Rise
  6. 6. Bless The Lord (Son of Man)
  7. 7. Pray
  8. 8. Free Fallin'
  9. 9. This Is My Song
  10. 10. Sunday Jam
  11. 11. Jesus Loves Me

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 30
    San Diego, CA, US Adam Hawley, Jackiem Joyner, Gregg Karukas, and Erin Stevenson at The Vault
  • Jul 12
    San Diego, CA, US Jessy J with Nick Colionne and Jackiem Joyner at Embarcadero Marina Park North
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