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Infernal Legion
Under The Cloven Hoof

Infernal Legion - Under The Cloven Hoof

The iconic death metal legends Infernal Legion return with their highly anticipated fourth album Under The Cloven Hoof. Surpassing the acclaim and critical praise of 2011’s The Spear Of Longinus, they firmly trample all with unadulterated, 100% authentic and uncompromising true death metal. Heavy yet memorable riffing with melodic overtones in the classic Swedish tradition ala Dissection, anthemic hook-laden choruses and raging guitar solos are just a few of the qualities that make Cloven an immediate death metal classic. A death metal institution for over 18 years, Infernal Legion trample all that is holy with Under The Cloven Hoof.

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"Under The Cloven Hoof"


  1. 1. Invocation 1
  2. 2. Under A Massacre Moon
  3. 3. Mountain Of Human Sacrifice
  4. 4. In Hell We Reign
  5. 5. Invocation 2
  6. 6. Ordained And Enslaved
  7. 7. Under The Cloven Hoof
  8. 8. Invocation 3
  9. 9. At The Gates Of Blasphemy