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Imperium Dekadenz
Dis Manibvs

Imperium Dekadenz - Dis Manibvs

It's against the backdrop of Germany's dense Black Forest that Imperium Dekadenz have honed a moving, elegant, and powerful breed of dark metal. More vast in scope than their modern-day peers, Imperium Dekadenz weave elements of dark romanticism and soaring passages into a unique sound rooted deeply in the first wave of black metal. With their new album Dis Manibvs, Imperium Dekadenz delivers a haunting masterpiece of dark, epic metal.

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"Only Fragments Of Light"


  1. 1. In Todesbanden
  2. 2. Only Fragments Of Light
  3. 3. Still I Rise
  4. 4. Dis Manibvs
  5. 5. Pantheon Spells
  6. 6. Vae Victis
  7. 7. Volcano
  8. 8. Somnia
  9. 9. Pure Nocturnal Rome
  10. 10. Seikilos

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 01
    Wetzikon, Switzerland Black Hole Fest 2020
  • May 09
    Orbe, Switzerland Borgne with Imperium Dekadenz, Serpens Luminis, Daerachas, and 2 more… at Le Puisoir
  • Jun 11
    Leutkirch, Germany Aaargh Festival 2020
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