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A War Against You

Ignite - A War Against You

Born during So-Cal punk’s late ‘80s renaissance and the explosion of the Orange County straight edge scene, Ignite have made a career defying convention. Continuing with lyrical themes from both personal and political perspectives, they have taken their experiences of the past near decade and delivered a potent and mature album. Two decades in, Ignite are still screaming for change - here are the postcards from the war against you.

TAGS: Hardcore | Punk

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"Nothing Can Stop Me"


  1. 1. Begin Again
  2. 2. Nothing Can Stop Me
  3. 3. This Is A War
  4. 4. Oh No Not Again
  5. 5. Alive
  6. 6. You Saved Me
  7. 7. Rise Up
  8. 8. Where I'm From
  9. 9. The Suffering
  10. 10. How Is This Progress?
  11. 11. You Lie
  12. 12. Descend
  13. 13. Forward (Bonus Track)
  14. 14. Work

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 31
    Cologne, Germany Ignite at Essigfabrik
  • Nov 01
    Eindhoven, Netherlands The Sound of Revolution 2019
  • Nov 23
    Garden Grove, CA, US Ignite and Shattered Faith at Garden Grove Amphitheatre
  • Dec 13
    Riverside, CA, US Ignite at The Concert Lounge
  • Dec 14
    Brooklyn, NY, US Ignite at Hollywood Ballroom
  • Dec 28
    San Diego, CA, US 8th Annual Slabby Holidaze Show: Ignite with special guests at Brick by Brick 2019
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