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Ian Hunter
All American Alien Boy (Reissue)

Ian Hunter - All American Alien Boy (Reissue)

Following a successful stint as the creative ringleader of glam rock forebears Mott The Hoople, Ian Hunter struck out on his own in 1975 with a self-titled solo debut album.

For his second album, All American Alien Boy, he surrounded himself with top-notch session players as well as some impressive rock royalty that included everyone from journeyman drummer Aynsley Dunbar to jazz bass wizard Jaco Pastorius. The resulting album was a mixture of conventional Mott the Hoople-style rock and sonic experiments.

The album features six bonus tracks.


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"All American Alien Boy (Single Version)"


  1. 1. Letter To Brittania From The Union Jack
  2. 2. All American Alien Boy
  3. 3. Irene Wilde
  4. 4. Restless Youth
  5. 5. Rape
  6. 6. You Nearly Did Me In
  7. 7. Apathy 83
  8. 8. God (Take 1),
  9. 9. To Rule Brittania From Union Jack (Session Outtake)
  10. 10. All American Alien Boy (Single Version)
  11. 11. Irene Wilde (Take 1 - Session Outtake)
  12. 12. Weary Anger (Session Outtake)
  13. 13. Apathy (Session Outtake)
  14. 14. (God) Advice To A Friend (Session Outtake)