New Releases For June 17, 2014

Iain Matthews & Egbert Deríx
In The Now

Iain Matthews & Egbert Deríx - In The Now

In The Now combines Deríx's keyboards, plus saxophone, upright bass, drums, guitar and a string section, moving effortlessly from the plaintive 'Restless' to the epic 8 1/2 minute 'Be Small.' A 24-page, full-color booklet contains photos and lyrics, as well as liners from Ian Clayton, whose book Bringing It All Back Home was described by Record Collector as 'One of the best books about popular music ever written.'

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"Restless Wings"


  1. 1. Buddha Dials Your Number
  2. 2. Jewel Of Illusion
  3. 3. When The Floyd Were On The Prowl
  4. 4. Restless Wings
  5. 5. Monkisms
  6. 6. Pebbles In The Road
  7. 7. Joy Mining
  8. 8. Be Small
  9. 9. Gone Is Gone