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Hy Maya
The Mysticism Of Sound & Cosmic Language

Hy Maya - The Mysticism Of Sound & Cosmic Language

First ever retrospective of mythical Cleveland psych/free jazz/prog band led by Robert Bensick and Scott Krauss and Allen Ravenstine, both later of Pere Ubu. Featuring 1972-1973 live and studio tracks, Hy Maya created sounds that were heavily driven by an artistic and spiritual foundation and were an undeniable and pivotal influence upon Pere Ubu and related bands that came in between such as Fins and the Robert Bensick Band. Third entry in Platters du Cuyahoga Series 2. 18 tracks color vinyl double LP, or double CD. Extensive liner notes, never before published photos, free download card with bonus tracks.

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"Neurons Fire"


  1. 1. Awareness Now
  2. 2. Neurons Fire
  3. 3. Dance Of Illusion (Camel Song)
  4. 4. Albert’s Lullaby
  5. 5. Consumption Of The Core Self
  6. 6. The Fabric Of Time & Space
  7. 7. Is This The Moment? (Antimatter Does Matter)
  8. 8. Left Brain Reflexions (Quantum Entanglement)
  9. 9. The Reflexion Of Mirror Neurons
  10. 10. Phenomena Phase
  11. 11. Reverse Rationalization
  12. 12. A Quantum Mechanic Mambo (Bigfoot)
  13. 13. Waves Of The Particle Past (Absorbing The Emitter)
  14. 14. Hold The Holograph (I Think I Now See)
  15. 15. Dance Of The Electromagnetic (A Space Event In Time)
  16. 16. Ship Of Fools (Dissolving The Contradiction)
  17. 17. Your Truth…Or Mine
  18. 18. Just One Day (The Illusion Of Time)
  19. CD/Download Bonus Tracks:
  20. 1. Dissolving The Contradiction
  21. 2. Amplified For Clarity
  22. 3. Orb Overview
  23. 4. General Relativity Is Relative
  24. 5. Hydrogen Hover (The Side Effects Of Falsehood)