New Releases For September 25, 2015


Huntress - Static

When Huntress shot from zero to hero with their debut EP Off With Her Head back in 2010, they made quite a few heads turn: an Amazonian, breathtaking singer in the form of Jill Janus and her 4-octave vocal range, a rich occult background and razor-sharp heavy metal. Static – the third album by Huntress – easily poses the most exciting and perfectly arranged release by Huntress to date: a feast of both flesh and spirituality. Timeless metal elegance, aggressive outbursts and sweeping melodies bring Static to life.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. Sorrow
  2. 2. Flesh
  3. 3. Brian
  4. 4. I Want To Wanna Wake Up
  5. 5. Mania
  6. 6. Four Blood Moons
  7. 7. Static
  8. 8. Harsh Times On Planet Stoked
  9. 9. Noble Savage
  10. 10. Fire In My Heart
  11. 11. Black Tongue (Bonus Track)

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